Radon Testing – Grand Rapids MI

1st Call Home Inspection LLC provides professional-grade radon testing services to the greater Grand Rapids Michigan community. Our website doesn’t merely pass on a list of radon test providers you have to sort through and evaluate. We are the real thing when it comes to providing you valuable service.


Simple Radon Test Kits

Homeowners can easily obtain simple test kits locally. The Kent County Health Department offers low-cost test kits year round, and others can be found in local stores. These kits typically use activated carbon media to entrap radon decay products. These units have to be promptly mailed to a testing laboratory for assessment.

Radon measurement service providers do not use these kits for multiple reasons. They have a definite shelf life, and sometimes expire before use. They require delayed processing which can affect results. Their precision and accuracy does not compare favorably against professional-grade equipment.

This is not to say they are not appropriate for use by home owners. They are simply inappropriate for professional use.


Professional Radon Testing Equipment

The sophisticated radon testing equipment we use cannot be found in retail stores. Our equipment is accurate and precise. This allows us to provide you the specific information needed to evaluate your radon exposure risk.

1st Call uses E-PERM® electret ion chambers for all its radon tests. This unique technology provides numerous advantages over other solutions.  We do not require as much space for our equipment as do other measurement providers. Our chambers require no on-site electricity, and operate in the widest ranges of temperature and humidity. Test results give clients the highest levels of accuracy and precision available.


Training in EPA Guidelines

Our radon measurement providers have been specifically trained to professionally evaluate your property. We identify appropriate test locations, and use them according to criteria established by the EPA for radon measurement testing. 1st Call technicians do not simply select a test location which will likely elevate test results. We only use locations which can pose a realistic risk to the client.


3rd Party Radon Testing

1st Call Home Inspection LLC is a true, 3rd-party test provider. We don’t install radon mitigation systems, and we don’t have an established business interest with any mitigation company. When you need to verify radon test results provided by a mitigation company, or after you have had a radon mitigation system installed, have us test and verify their findings.

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