In the Beginning: Why I Started This Blog

founder/owner grant medich

I could have well titled this “Why Add Another Blog to the Web?” There are so very many out there in the “blogosphere” that mine will likely get lost in the shuffle. Yet, I’m driven to begin it nevertheless. Please bear with me as I figure this out.

Initial Thoughts and Motivations

My rather recent transition from construction into the home inspection industry has generated a lot of thoughts – thoughts I need to process and work through. Some are common to all career changers. Others are common only to home inspectors. I would like to think that more than a few are unique to my particular path. Honestly though, I expect that old quote proves true in my case: There is nothing new under the sun.” Rather than unique to all, these thoughts are simply new to me.

I hope my blog will help me organize and process the additional thoughts I form as I continue progressing in my new profession. Surely, there will be plenty to share here. I might even write something worth sharing elsewhere. While I don’t profess to be a great writer, I do intend to become a great home inspector. Sharing my journey may encourage others to pursue their own career goals full-steam forward.

Blog Topics

While writing this, I just had to re-direct myself back to the task at hand – my first entry. Simply writing about “thoughts” generates tons more. I just might have to start a personal blog to complement this one. It may help me stay on topic by giving me an outlet for everything that doesn’t belong here. This one is supposed to be related to home inspections, after all.

Here are a few topics I would like to address in this present blog: home components and their life expectancies; common defects and their causes; construction practices and their histories. I also want to share why I, a home inspector, think you, the reader, should want to hire me as your professional home inspector.

Wish me luck with that. I’ve long struggled with the idea of “sales” and self-promotion. Some people are comfortable with this, but it has always rubbed me wrong for some odd reason. We all promote ourselves in some manner or form. If we didn’t, most would be unemployed. Oops! Here I go meandering again… back to the topic…


I intend to use this blog to write about my business and my industry. As attracting clients is the life blood of any business, I hope to attract a few more (including you, my dear reader) with the information I share here. I hope to attract people from Pennsylvania, Maine, Florida, Wisconsin, Montana, and elsewhere. Even if I cannot serve them, I want to convince them that I am the kind of home inspector they want. If I succeed in this, I will truly succeed in attracting and serving my clients in west Michigan. Then again, I also have another purpose. Let’s call it “Plan B.”

“Plan B” is to help my industry. Home inspection is a largely misunderstood profession. Home buyers are frequently told they should have a home inspection. Many of them schedule one with little understanding of its purpose and value. I hope to remedy that here in some small way by explaining what we provide. Professional, certified home inspectors offer a valuable service which can only be properly utilized by the client with a bit of understanding.

Moving Forward

Well, now it’s time for me to draw this article to a close, and post it. What happens next? More to come… or so are my intentions. We’ll see where this leads. Keeping a regular blog might become a weighty responsibility. I’ll try to keep it upbeat and worth reading. As for comments, I’ll likely keep those disabled for now. If you see they have been activated…. well, then… I guess I changed my mind about it. That’s all for now, folks!